The work Awry Continnum is a practical part of an essay Multiple Points(PL) *. The Awry Continuum was created through intuitive understanding (which is also based on the rational knowledge) of the topic – the fundamental methematic rules about lines and points, what leads to cosmologic understanding by Einstein Theory of relativity. Then, It could be curved. This means adopting the attitude – not to become a puppet of my own intellect, of my ‚I wanna matter‘ or even intuition. Aim to freedom in any points and feel the balance maybe at least for a while. It was a way to study the painting and computer matter, working together to appear the story, which in terms of painting is abstract. It gets more concrete suggestions through computer animation where the abstract became real again what is caused by the time matter.

6 Works are made through painting on canvas (which I choosed cause Its natural way of plastic expression) and 3 of them are mapped by animation which was created by an attitude “feel free to be inspired by a computer”. Then the mappings are screened on canvas to develop the paintings to the next dimension

*Its an idea of common live. Everything around us You can understand based on the fundamental rules of physics – up to quantum mechanics. You know the human is a multiple point aswell. All the same, but different like every moment, every place – just recall “Im here for a first time at this single moment” the differences appear.