MOS art| Ul. Rajska 12, Cracow 
29.04. – 08. 05. 2016

Exhibition URBAN QUEST was a report about city impression, showed in way of painting, drawing, installation and mapping – a  multimedia – all mixed up as the city is. During Opening Radim Koros was improvising a speech – something like* featured by a music group Lennox Row . Later, all together with David Polony and Mateusz Czapek was improvising wall drawing, which was inspired by Lennox music. The wall DuDu drawing was developed until the exhibition least. I think, It is not a coincidence, that a Children made the last lines on the wall.

* In the life, inside a walls, the pigeons kingdom who takes care of the stonetrees. the square thoughs lost in tunel of any kind, any type – anytime… … questions downside the sewer neverstop asking for another questionsthe rolingcasters brrrrrmbrm – roling inside ,rolling around feeeling fucked up – rolling again, rolling zikzak

  • Dance in workshop / 2015/ 70 * 100
  • Interdimensional spy | 2016 | oil on canvas 45x50
  • Addiction | 2016 | oil on canvas 165x100