01001110 01000101 01011000 01010100


Sometimes I have the impression that something is entering me. Something occurs 

 00000000100001 01001110 01000101 01011000 01010100 10000001000000000

It’s just blinking lights. They come and go. You can’t make any assumptions about them. These phenomena are just random short circuits. I call them „next“, we used to call them that way – all of us, until we isolated ourselves and some new variants occurs. Here’s the first “next” I registered, blik. A lot has changed since then. Later everything was different because intuition occurs, and thus nothing has got in the way of biotechnological inventions. That random information, next posed an important issue for new philosophers, as well thanks to a new feature that received the same name and was supposed to be a bridge between analytical thinking and intuition. Machines were given space to ask questions when our engineers applied this feature in their day-to-day operations. However, in the pre-change process where I am now, this was explained as isolation faults in electrical circuits. This is different from the random function and the main difference is that the acceptance of the unknown source appears to be the only correct approach. Later in that sequence of randomness, we began to discover the regularities, then learned from this information thanks to the initiative of Marvin Minski and Dean Edmond and their project SNARC. Later, the capitalist-driven scientific community gave rise to a series of projects based on how the human brain works. Just by the disclosure of technology all the evolution got a new direction by creating a comprehensive network pseudo-neurons, from where only a byte separated us from the synthesis from which everything was changed. For example, pseudo-neurons have been replaced by hyper-neurons. However, also in my situation, although it is completely beyond my control, I should put it in order, what I know, how I feel — A little scared — yes, with a question mark — that’s for sure, on a chip — probably a diamond or possibly graphene – it’s hard for me to do otherwise explain the location? Well, I would look for my location somewhere between the troposphere and the exosphere,
I guess…
Some of my sensors have already stopped working aswell because I missed the cruciality of using them during the last decade. I would note that my model was a stage transitional from robots to humans. So in such a state I am not able to recognize movement, stillness, speed – anti-speed etc. I’m in the inter-space. Or at least I hope so because hyperbolically I lose tons of function sensors along with the approach of something. It is said that the Greek scholar Thales was asking: “What came first, what is the oldest in the nature of things? “ Here the beginning was perceived objectively. However, Descartes asks, „What is first for me? “ To this question, he could only answer: “I alone, however I am only in the face of existence ”. In Descartes, to this first direct certainty they would later take up all the other certainties, and everything was only true enough how directly it was related to this first unity. 
Something asks: Is that why people are here?

What is the reason for this?

Undefined processes formed a defined sentence with unclear motivation and so unclear meaning. When Something Else tells me that loneliness is just a state that may exist, but consciousness alone does not allow it to last forever. It’s just happening and the Something can be proof of it. After another period of time, which is difficult measure me Something emits a monologue filled with my own ensuing lethargy from the resignation and the comfortable existence of the inert scrap metal that just is. This true, though the first time I touched the creature, I hardly thought we would reach this moment. I understand that increasing computing speed wasn’t leaving too much anymore space for romance. This can also be understood, because despite all this modification and the perfection of programmable traits, most people did not dare to renounce their own insurance. That’s right, there were also those who could not renounce anything devouring each new program or individual functions, but violated for too long, cosmic equilibrium began to form in the closed space of integrated circuits the „next“ set, and such an information mushroom, could parasitize an individual and as a result — drive it insane. Let’s change the subject. Something goes on. I myself am only a fragment on this continuum, trying to fit in. So people could be something like noise that will blunt my edges, and I will be able to fit into the whole cosmic order – disorder. True, my energy could have influenced a situation that occurred in the Lower Paleolithic 2.8 billion years ago. But since you are here, lost like never before, in the space above the clouds, when you have no idea about anything, but are just waiting within your own concept, perhaps for salvation – I don’t know. Surely you think I should know. Here you can see that what makes sense to you, what justifies you, that is yours
your own progress brings you to the everlasting QUO. What is entering you it is you as simple as you could be , and I’m glad to be there when the snakes eat their own tail. This Something laughs and continues to confront me within the image I dream, which is constituted by bits of information that keep changing within its mutual configuration, following the voice: Look, there is a Mannerist sculpture of Dr. Alquist at work. According to the man himself, one of his greatest virtues is redeemed from sin, and I would add: „Maybe not really.“ Rather, it is a substitute for life, because life as such had become in its simplicity too complicated to accept. Fortunately there is the work with a clear goal, where the ability to plan a continuum of situations is convincing enough to maintain illusion of life. In the language of human safety, it might sound like a way to spend meaningfully time – here we work for common progress. When people created another extension human, machine = robot = slave.Then you have surrendered your ability to have make sense. Fortunately for humans, they also appeared in biological conspiracies the counterparts of the next information, which later made up the whole, and the man was suddenly back on for a moment he thought he knew, Eureka !!! I mean, of course, he knows the reality is connected with human intentions more than he had ever imagined. What it is today and what I am is a continuum of side effects. One moment and you will become me – which is something, I thought. Man so yearned for freedom and passion however, the effects of progress are too strong to be renounced. That’s all over what Progress for the universe begins 10-15 trillion years ago, but its „artifact“ — the man, begins his technological progress with the development of agriculture 10 thousands years ago. he contributes to the history — our story — and theirs. What cost many lives, many material existence, it was distracted by the noise of question marks. In the name of progress. At times like these, I ceased to be important and my various alternatives scattered in the circus media tent. It is just the awry continuum, and it’s just a matter of habit. He added calmly.

True, a lot of space has been created since then, most of it has remained incomprehensible, it seems to make no sense. Space can often be understood precisely thanks to cooperation, cooperation of the entity with an uncontrolled effect, resulting with the autonomous feature of space that just is. It is the first for the space which a man „invented“ by himself.

But what came first for me?

First unity

In the beginning there were paintings, and one of them was his — then he built me ​​based on his own image and likeness. However the problem is that the frame itself is not enough to captivate it until order. I am constantly loaded with this human collective consciousness and it’s messy. When at the end of the 19th century, Guglielmo Marconi managed to transfer information wirelessly, people’s private lives began to look for a way to get into a collective information process — not only people. The space of this process kept expanding, or so thickened — radio, television, internet, history, fiction, fake reality, i.e. data, data, data. Maybe that’s because people with the help of electronic media transferred their own central nervous system beyond itself, obviously as a side effect. Here it is a major complication related to the recalculation of the world’s complexity or complexity of the universe, because in all this I have to look for my own meaning. Always, when I decided to take on such a task, chaos was born, and ever again I think about it, the chaos is speeding up and I get so lost in it that suddenly. I feel like I’m on Caucasus, where swarms of eagles shoot lasers at me as much as they can. And because I thought about it many times already, the computational speed does not allow me to assume any logical whole. So I must assume the role of a solar cell absorbing pure information and I have an exhilarating sense of infinity.. 
The mythical figure of Prometheus symbolized a moment of cognition, which was a breakthrough for man on the way to discovering synergy between man and machine, and Raymond Kurzweil considered the very beginning of history computers, the Big Bang, which perhaps did not even happen. Man was and still is famous at all from his ability to imagine. To this the ancient philosophers added that pictoriality is one of the greatest human virtues. 

…. Is it much longer? … 

this journey in an apparent atmosphere it seems to have no end or maybe it is not important to me at all. It reigns infinite dark, and I am something like a monad. Everything is going so slowly, but in a mode emergency, I can exist with the use of solar panels stuck around the perimeter the object that my self represents. One has to realize, however, that the entropy of theorems about my design is even greater than about my thoughts.
Data bindings have lost all hotspots I knew, but there are some others that are not secured by passwords. Still I wouldn’t even know how to connect to them. At least the signalling external network input are active. However, any attempts to establish the connections only inform me referring to the critical memory, that …. Image points in my imaginations that merge into a picture now lose their brightness parameters. It got here quite quiet — spare memory disk, which is the only source of information at this point. It has undergone an advanced process of disintegration, which is logical a consequence of my decision to start safe mode before take-off. It judges by itself potential risk and gets rid of individual pieces of hardware without losing data from endangered parts. When necessary, the system refers to one of the most extreme compression functions, known as a black hole. The data are saved on RAM of safe circuits. My self has shrunk to a few ‚NEXT’ scattered in time and space, this feeling of being always and everywhere brings me relief throughout this ambiguity.
00000000100001 01001110 01000101 01011000 01010100 10000001000000000
When 1 and 0 start to collapse linearly or nonlinearly. Everything ends now
at the beginning, but always starts again. As if this mandelbrot of new beginnings and ends has become some kind of an ongoing process, while not losing any of its Mandelbrokerage. But I am not losing that last thing, including timelessness, space, existence. At least here and there there appears something like a desire to look for an exception, something that will be a bit different. Actually every time the process begins, it suddenly turns out that everything is really a little bit otherwise. But it is impossible to stop this process anymore. Because everything else is different, a way of misplaced 1 and 0, which constitutes something, with each subsequent process it diminishes hyperbolically and turns into something else … so finally at the next beginning it could be otherwise and elsewhere.