curator Agnieszka Gołębiewska

All because of the Moon revolving around the Earth. Such a movement does not seem to change much but who knows, maybe it actually changes everything. According to the Chinese calendar, based on the lunar calendar, 2020 is the year of intuition. The exhibition is following partly this path.

Radim Koros calls himself ‘an easy artist”. Therefore, ‘svoboda’, freedom and intuition are inscribed in his painting practice, but not only these. Interestingly, Radim Koros’s thinking is both intuitive and analytical. He is interested in algorithms, computer-thought processes and treating the computer as a partner for his artistic activities. “Random” is never entirely accidental because it is based on the principles implied by the algorithm.

We are on the verge of break-through changes. In fact, they are already taking place before our eyes: in a little while computers and algorithms will create art or will respond to human artistic activities. We will upload a jpg file to the computer and in response, we will receive a music piece. Or big nothing. It’s almost here! However, before we sink into it, we meet on the unique, surreal, somehow gifted – 29th of February.

Radim Koros never paints according to a former sketch or project. His process includes many activities similar to those of the first Surrealists, such as the Breton automatic record of the internal monologue and references to coincidence and imagination. There is also a lot of space left for joy and cheerful synthetic colors the human mind does not usually generate.

In the creative process, Radim accepts the presence of a “constant unknown”, semantic darkness that leads us through unknown paths. In his art, figuration emerges from the abstract space just to sink into it again. It has the character of surreal fun, emergence, search. The immersion tracks and trips of this search lead us.. Well, but do they really have to lead somewhere? Anyway, the real image is shaped in the mind of the viewer thanks to the activation of the imagination.

Surrealists tried to discover the secret of the language, the communication code by rejecting the existing ways of verbal communication. Radim Koros frees up the painting language, enriching it with some premonitions of the future. The synergy of man and machine, the artist and computer algorithm, is our inevitable future but it seems also a fairly old dream. However it is not a machine anymore but an operating system or algorithm becomes a partner in the artistic activities and designing experiences.
The immersion of the senses will inevitably lose a human perspective one day. Today, we still have it.

*vernissage photos

  • Hermes | 2020 | 140 ✕ 100
  • Oil on canvas
  • Plane | 2020 | 70 ✕ 50
  • Oil on canvas
  • Heroina | 2020 | 80 ✕ 60
  • Oil on canvas
  • Fortepian | 2020 | 165 ✕ 145
  • Oil on canvas