Before the „unknown“ is taken to account we should consider the freedom phenomenon.

If we can create such equation art = life, then life is an integral part of the art process, but there is still live without art. The concept of art ultimately manifests lives or freedom. Gesamtkunstwerk is a work of art that combines several media or arts into one work, such fusion is not random, but all parts contribute to one whole by their true essence. In accordance with the equation and the Gesamtkunstwerk idea, the piece of art is constituted by the phenomenon of living e. g. joy, composure, sorrow, love, even fear, … until an unknown number of other cognitions. All combined to one harmonised whole. Figuratively speaking, life itself is divided into spectral gradient bubbles, which merging each other in different ranges or not at all, to constitute a composition of vitality constrained by the edges of human perception – or eventually in a painting by the edges of frames.

According to Schleiermacher, thought-based viability abs in terms not images. But the dream is mainly in pictures.

Painting is a mirror reflection of variants of the future building on elements of the present and past. Like a dream, considering such painting is wishful thinking.

The known as we peer out in search of a ray of light to illuminate the unknown. (Michael Shermer)