• RESET 2015
  • project: Radim Koros mentor: dr hab Lech Polcyn app programing: Łukasz Furman
  • The influence of IT for a recognition the World is undoubted. We can observe this in a way how we see a forms even, and it continues to a life of human itself. The flurry is many times a way for a psychicall disortion (fears and the feeling "be a superHERO"). Althought computer store a medicine - the Reset itself. But its just a temporary couse the OverDose comes again. As we can Reset a computer till infinite, We can do it with our lifes as well.
  • project: Radim Koros mentor: dr hab Lech Polcyn
  • "World in The Rush - Rush The World" These are icons of Capitalism these icons alived a visual displace to show the backside of Capitalism where the emptiness inside them is an instrument for a Devil. 


Human-machine cooperation during the process of art creation. With particular focus on the personal treatment of the machine. If the painting is recognized as an freedom, therefore expression of the biochemical human deposition, the program would be considered as an expression of the machine and its technical-electrical deposition. First, if it is a program that will allow such an expression, that is, it will give the computer freedom and allow the lottery of the outcome. Python Program randomly transform the uploaded photo of painting. The transformed information are reordered in new noise like composition, which density is varied. The outcome is inspiration to further work on that painting. The physical object is a result of man-computer cooperation during process of painting. The single steps after computer processing stay virtual and are tokenised to NFT.